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Adventure Instead Academy

Adventure Instead Presets

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 *Please note* These presets are only compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic (v7.3 or later). All sales on presets are final. 

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  • 70 Pre-tweaked presets for all indoor & outdoor lighting situations 
  • Bonus Toolkit with 30 time-saving adjustments 
  • Bonus Set of Masks/Brushes with 19 local adjustment presets
  • Education & Tutorials

Go To (8 presets)

For: Nice, middle-of-the-road good “portrait lighting”—light on your subject’s face is soft and “even” 

Harsh AF (8 presets)

For: Taming severe shadows and softening harsh light that comes from direct sunlight or single-direction light sources 

Bright Background (8 presets)

For: Balancing tricky photos when your subject is significantly darker than the background—typically due to a landscape feature where your subject is in shade/shadow and the background is much brighter.

Blue Hour & Night (16 presets)

For: Getting funky and creative after the sun goes down (or before it comes up) with very low ambient light during blue hour or nighttime when you only have a few artificial light sources or long exposures.

Indoor (16 presets)

For: The full spectrum of indoor lighting situations from nice daytime window light to harsh overhead artificial light at night. This preset has both “soft” and “harsh” indoor presets to make even the worst artificial lighting look like a softbox.

All the Feels B&W (8 presets)

For: Emotional & nostalgic images (that give you “all the feels”) and are simply better without color. Designed to work like black & white film. 

Wanderlust (6 presets)

For: True adventurers—landscapes and travel photos with extra contrast & saturation to accentuate landscape images and your adventures around the world.